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Baseball Streams - ROJADIRECTA TV

Do you want to watch baseball on Rojadirecta TV? Let me explain you in this Roja Directa sport categroy some basic informations and rules of a baseball. The field is in the shape of a square. From home plate to the home plate fence is approximately 100 metres. Baseball is played by two teams with nine players. The teams alternate innings at bat, which means offense and in the field, which means defense. There are nine innings, and each team goes at bat nine times and in the field nine times. Since there is no tie in baseball and a tie would occur in the ninth inning, more innings are played until one team gets the winning run. The attacking team tries to score runs, while the fielding team tries to prevent this by striking out three of the opposing teams players.

These are the most common and important forms of outing. But there is another way of batting that is not so common, the name is forced batting. If the runner is on first base and the batters bunt is not caught out of the air, the batter forces the runner on first base to advance to second base by his run to first base. The fielders in this situation, after processing the hit, throw the ball to second base and tag the runner out by stepping on the base or tagging the runner out. If the fielders manage to reach first base before the batter gets there, that player is also out. The fielders played double out- two outs. A double out can also be played at third and home if a runner is forced at third. Doubles are the most beautiful moments of games because the whole action has to happen very quickly and accurately.

You can watch on Tarjeta Roja television also the best baseball league of the world - Mayor League Baseball from USA. MLB Streams on Rojadirecta are free for everybody. Players of the team at bat, come in order to home plate from where they try to hit the ball pitched by the opposing pitcher. If they manage to hit and round the bases, one point is scored for the batting team. The teams outfielders are all on the field at the same time at their respective positions. The fielders attempt to catch batters swings and prevent them from advancing on the bases. The fielders primary objective is to strike out - to knock out the opposing players. A strikeout has two meanings - the struck out player can no longer advance up the bases and score at that point, but most importantly, when the fielders strike out three opposing players, the teams rotate. The team at bat goes to the field and the team that was in the field goes to bat.

The pitcher throws to the batter from the pitching mound and each pitch is judged by the umpire as good (strike) or bad (ball). If the batter fails to hit three good pitches, he is out and conversely if the pitcher throws four bad pitches to the batter, the batter gets first base for free. A good pitch is one that flies over home plate and at the height of the batters armpit and knees, or any pitch that the batter attempted to hit but did not. A pitch that the batter hits outside the foul zone counts as a good pitch. In that case, the pitch is called a foul ball unless it was a third good pitch. The pitcher, of course, tries to make it as difficult as possible for the opposing players to hit them. Therefore, he uses a variety of pitches - fast, slow, curveball, and even outside the strike zone. The batter tries to hit the ball as accurately and powerfully as possible to make the fielders processing of the bat as uncomfortable as possible. If the swing is overly successful and goes all the way across the field and over the outfield fence, the batter has hit a homerun. This hit allows the runner to circle freely around all the bases and score a run, plus it scores a run for all the runners on base. So, if there are runners on bases, it is possible to score four points with one swing.