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Volleyball Streams - ROJADIRECTA TV

Rojadirecta Volleyball offers the best stream for this beautiful sport, obviously from the best leagues around the world, especially from Italy. Volleyball is played on a rectangular court, which is divided into square halves by a central line over which a one-metre high net hangs. Above the side lines, antennas are vertically attached to the net to define the space allowed for the net to fly over. Volleyball is played with a round ball made of leather or synthetic leather. Each side of the net is played by one team of six players, with a formation of three in front and three in the back. At the start of the game, the captains of both teams draw the right of first serve or choice of side of the court. Then one of the teams will start the game by serving. The player of the serving team who is standing right back on the court shall stand behind the end line with the ball, pitch the ball and send it over the net to the opponent's side of the court with a hand or arm strike.

Players usually specialize in smashes and blocks, serving and defensive play. The specialization is therefore very diversified, like for example Rojadirecta broadcasts, where Pirlo TV does not specialize in broadcasting only one sport, but several sports at the same time, such as Volleyball. However, at the time of serving, players must be spaced in a given order. The rules permit the use of one specialized player, called a libero, who may substitute for any back row player during any break in play, and who is limited by the rules to purely defensive activities. The player designated as libero must wear a color-coded jersey.

The opposing team must prevent the ball from touching the ground and attempt to play it back over the net. In doing so, however, they may touch the ball no more than three times, and no player may touch the ball twice in succession. If a team manages to play the ball over the net without making an error, the opponent will try to do the same. This single play continues until the ball falls to the ground or either team makes another error. The team that did not make an error will receive one point at the end of the game. If that team is the team that started the play by serving, the same player serves again. If the serving team has lost the toss, the opposing team will serve, but before play begins, that team will advance one position clockwise: the original serving player will move from the back right to the back center, the back center player will move to the back left, etc. Thus, the player who was in the front right position in the previous game will serve.

When one team reaches a total of 25 points and at the same time the other team has a score at least two points lower, the team wins one set. In the next set, the team that did not serve first in the previous set begins serving. The game is played to 3 winning sets and in Rojadirecta TV you can watch always all 3 sets, if after the fourth set is still undecided, the deciding fifth set is played to 15 points only. The game ends when one of the teams makes an error and therefore fails to pass the ball correctly to the opponent. An error could be, for example, the ball touching the ground or an object outside the court.

Italian volleyball is one of the most difficults and the best styles around the world, here on Roja Directa we love to watch italian volleyball games. The most common method of play is to use all three allowed touches of the ball. The first touch is a defensive touch, it is necessary to intercept the ball played by the opponent in any way and keep it in play. To do this, the most common tactic is called a digger, where the ball is played underneath, with the player having both hands together and touching the ball with the flat of the forearm. The second touch is most often played by what is called a passer, often a front-middle player in recreational volleyball, otherwise a player who specializes in this play. The aim of the hitting stroke is to prepare for the attacking stroke. It is therefore most often played with an overhead hit, where both hands touch the ball simultaneously with slightly bent fingers. The third stroke is an offensive stroke, where most often one of the extreme front players uses a precise pass to smash, a powerful strike with an outstretched arm, executed in a lunge near the net. The defending team usually uses blocks, where either two or all three front players next to each other simultaneously jump up with outstretched arms, trying to prevent the opponent from bringing the ball over the net.