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Basketball Streams - ROJADIRECTA TV

If you are a big fan of this beautiful sport from USA, you can watch all streams on basketball with Rojadirecta TV. You can find there streams on every match in NBA or in european competitions.

The popularity of Rojadirecta is growing up as well as basketball in recent years. Would you like to play it too, either at a professional level or with your friends for fun? The rules of Rojadirectaonline and basketball are simple at the core. But how long has basketball been played? And what are the parameters of the court?

If you want to watch basketball, you can try Rojadirecta basketball streams and if you want to play basketball, you basically just need a court with two baskets and a ball. A basketball hoop is suspended at opposite ends of the court at a height of aprox. 3 metres above the ground. Traditionally, the basketball was made of leather, but now this material has been replaced by rubber or synthetic composite. Underneath this layer is a layer of fibres that encases an inner core made up of an inflated rubber bladder. It should be a shade of orange. Official basketball rules specify different sizes of basketballs according to the type of competition for Men, Women and Youth. The ball is controlled in basketball with the hands only. If you are in possession of the ball, you cannot just run with it, movement with the ball is only possible through dribbling.

A basket made from medium or short distance is the most common way to score and will result in 2 points. A basket made from the three-point arc will bring the team 3 points. A free throw is taken after a foul and will result in 1 point. The fundamental rule of basketball is the so-called 24-second rule. Mistakes are rule violations. They are divided into two groups, personal errors and technical errors. If a player makes five errors, he must be made aware of this fact and leave the game. Personal errors are those in which a player makes personal contact with an opponent or engages in unsportsmanlike conduct.

A basketball game has 40 minutes. This playing time is divided into two halves and a total of four quarters of ten minutes each. Between the quarters there are breaks for rest. The task of the players is simple. They have to hit the ball into the hoop of the basket, and thus score the coveted points for their team. There can be five players on the field at any one time, with a team of twelve. Each of the players on the field has a role to play. The wing, here the most mobile position, usually moves at a greater distance from the basket, often operating all over the offensive half of the court. The point guard, his job is to take the ball from the defensive to the offensive half of the court. If he shoots, it is from a longer distance, he also watches the opponent's offensive efforts.